OO Spaces

– Psychology for Architecture –

What does OO spaces do?

OO spaces answers questions that relate to how people interact with an environment, for example: 

  • What makes an environment interesting?
  • How do the users understand the design? (e.g. find your way, know what you are allowed to do where)
  • What does Home mean?
  • How can neighbourhood design promote sustainable behaviours? (e.g. sort trash, choose eco-friendly modes of transport, reduce energy/water usage)

Does any of these descriptions relate to you?

You need to design for a specific user group, but they are not known, or there is not enough time to meet them. You would also like to test a mock-up design but there are no resources available to properly document and analyse the results.

You are interested in the human side of things and would like to get some inspiration from environmental psychology theories about the interaction of people with their environment.

Why do you need OO spaces?


OO spaces can give a lecture on environmental psychology basics for designers, at your company. We can also include topics which you are specifically interested in, so that you get the information you need.

Expert advice

When there is a specific question relating to human-environment interactions or a specialist in architecture and psychology is needed in a multi-disciplinary team, OO spaces can take that on.


OO spaces can help you with setting up a research plan for designs that still need to be made or designs that are already in use. Need help with the analysis? We can do that too.